Socio-culturally, female sexuality and orgasm have been taboo over the years and still remain so today. These campaigns are created to make this need visible and to neutralize a completely oppressed issue.

From Pelusa we proposed to do a social experiment based on this and thanks to the help of
Gazteria Auzolana we have been able to develop and carry out it. Gazteria Auzolana and we have aligned so well as they themselves had found the need to create something around female sexuality.


Gazteria Auzolana has not only helped us financially but also in many other ways. For example, we have noticed a lot of help in contacting the municipalities of Tolosa and Donosti.

But... what are these movements and campaigns about?

The movements consist of 2 activities:

The social experiment is the first dynamic. Through 6 mannequins we launch various questions about our self-knowledge, body stimuli ... The questions are classified less to more uncomfortable. The main objective of the experiment is to create a turning point in the woman. We want to push women to own their sexuality, and this is the first step.

​On the other hand, as a second dynamic, we highlight works by Basque empowered women where they treat female sexuality according to their perception. Women like Arramazka, Berexiart and Elene Tamayo through art and in an abstract way show how they live and feel their sexuality.


Communication campaign in Tolosa and Donosti to integrate and make visible female sexuality and orgasm in our society.

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